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I am interested in:

|| Fashion
|| Babies & Children
|| Pets
|| Modeling Portfolios
|| Portraits
|| Families

How to contact me

Just fill out the form with your details, your email is important so please ensure this is correct, thank you. It is also helpfull if you could complete your age group and the type of shots you are interested in. If for instance it is families then please include the ages of the children as I can prepare and bring props if I think the may help. With pets please tell me the type of pet it is, dog, cat, gold fish, shark, lion cubs or small elephant for instance.

Small Dog, Cute

A small elephant! Do you think thats a hint about my weight, please it's all muscle.

I will personally see to your enquiry and get back to you my name is Coulter, ask for by name, I'll see you ok.