About Me

What about me then!
Well my name is Michelle Mack and I am a 19 year old HNC (Higher National Certificate) photography student, living in Leslie in Fife. I was born in an American Military Hospital in Landstuhl, Germany in July 1992.

I have however lived in Fife since my families return to Scotland in 1993. I attended Kings Road Primary School in Rosyth, before going to Dunfermline High School. A move in 2005 to Leslie meant a change in school and I moved to Glenwood High School in Glenrothes. I had originally thought about a career in teaching but when attending a college in Glenrothes to gain more qualifications discovered books on photography in the library, I changed colleges to Carnegie College in Dunfermline firstly to do access in photography, then a NC (National Certificate) taking me to where I am now.

So what are my influences and what drives me?


The greatest influence I have are two sixties fashion photographers Duffy & Bailey. Sadly only Bailey remains and it is his work that I admire the most and try to recreate. Although digital is todays standard amongst the vast majority of professional photographers, displaying colour images. I must admit to having a passion about black and white images and a love of film, again black and white. I am lucky enough to own a camera older than my parents, so rather old, that I hope will help me to not only recreate images of the sixties but create images for today using yesteryears technology.

Why Photography?

That through photography I will be able to bring to life today's youth their fashion, personality, compassion, fears, hope and a little fun!

Career Hopes:

To finish my studies at college and hopefully university, obtain a position of assistant to a fashion photographer in New York, Paris and London for 2 years in each city, studying with the top fashion photographers after which I hope to realise my dream of becoming a fashion photographer in my own right